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Handmade stoneware pottery mugs bowls plates and more


I Think My Body is as Restless as My Mind, stoneware, 7 in x 9 in, $150.

I Don't Avert My Eyes Anymore, porcelain, 11 in x 11 in, $500

The Next Big Thing, stoneware, 15 in x 5.5 in,


Chalk it Up to My Anger, porcelain,

8 in x 10 in, $150.

From a Walk to a Trot, stoneware,

7 in x 14 in, $200.

She's Just Trying to Evolve, porcelain,

5.5 in x 8.5 in, $100.

Partly It's My Boots, red stoneware,

6 in x 13 in, $100.

Roll with it Baby, stoneware, donated to Random Acts of Flowers

Flying my Favorite Thing, stoneware, NFS

Gage, stoneware, donation piece

Deciding Their Fate, porcelain, 8 in x 8 in, $100.

Reese, stoneware, NFS